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Films Young and Old
Films young and old

Agrani Media reviews films emerging on various platforms and also peeps into the old classic ones-mostly those who claimed fame by winning awards or critical acclaim

Review of ‘Vakeel Saab’-Telugu Film

Media Today
Media Today

Agrani Media takes a quick glance at what is being spun around in the Media and reviews quality stuff from all channels across the globe

Latest on our channel
Our Youtube channel

Agrani Media’s youtube channel offers discourses on ancient wisdom, talks on literature, music and a satire with the title ‘Mirchee to Charcha’

Photo Thought

Astrological and Psychiatric counseling
  • Astrological consultations for marriage, compatibility, marital issues, career issues and health concerns
  • Psychiatric counseling for attitudinal issues, depression, differently abled children etc.
  • Specific counseling for marriages on rocks
  • Complete horoscope reading with advice
  • Latest here:’Astrology and COVID’
Articles of Interest

For casual, yet absorbing reading

బహుమతి-Short Story in Telugu by Sripati

Take it Easy

With a ‘pinch’ of humour!

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