Some Astrological facts about COVID

COVID has baffled one and all and is still at large. The best minds are yet to come to terms with it. Since Astrology is a study of time and the co-ordinates which represent a major event, understanding these intervals of time can help draw a transversal through the historicity of this eluding monster.

We know that SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) made its first appearance on 16.11.2002 in Guangdong, China. It was traced in 30 countries affecting 8110 individuals across the globe and 811 succumbed to the virus. 3 Indians were infected but survived. Most deaths were registered in China and Hongkong. The epidemic lasted till 19th May 2004.

Let us cast a horoscope as at 16.11.2002 by Sunrise at Foshan of Guangdong, China.

The picture is clear. Students of Astrology can glean the important aspect of a powerful Kaalasarpa with the Moon loitering around-coming out and entering the axis between Rahu and Ketu. One can see a similar position of Rahu and Ketu right now (2021 May). A fisherman infected around 30 nurses on 31st January 2003 and this was the turning point for a major outbreak. If one casts a horoscope for this date, it would be evident that Sani had come to associate with Rahu by then. The syndrome re-appeared on 31st December 2019 and the horoscope reflects the Kalasarpam yet again (18 years-the favourite Rahu number).

The following can be examined:

1. Since Ravi, the major planet signifying health remains in this axis for 6 months and stays outside for the other 6 months, it could be seen that that pat of the year when he stays inside this axis between Rahu and Ketu is the worst hit by the virus.

2. Over 2020 and 2021, Guru has moved from his Sign of debilitation-Makaram to Kumbham and most part of the destruction during 2020 was when he was in Makaram.

Let us look at the second wave. On 10th February 2021, this deadly second wave exposed the country’s unpreparedness and carelessness of the Civil Administration and the people and stormed into the hapless citizens’ lives irrespective of the age profile. Let us see the horoscope for this point of time:

So this is tormenting us till the exit of Ravi from Vrishabham-14th June 2021. The position of the planets suggests that this second variant is associating with a different element in human blood and using it as an ‘agent’ to disable similar cells in taking in oxygen-Kuja’s direct aspect on Ketu.

This Kaalasarpam is not going to let go off easily unless and until the major planet Guru moves out of this axis which will happen only by January 2024. There is extreme trouble by May 2023 when Guru enters Mesham and associates with Rahu (Rahu moves to this place by then) by May 2023 and stays there till December 2023.

The third wave can be predicted when Ravi enters Dhanu by 15th/16th December 2021 and the six months ensuing from this time can be really harrowing since the variant appears to be changing course yet again owing to a direct association of Kuja with Ketu (rather than aspect as stated earlier). This feature is likely to escalate an existing disease in an individual owing to an infection of SARS rather spontaneously and throw up the parameters rather alarmingly. The configuration also indicates a situation where a ‘cured’ disease either by medication or by surgery might lead to certain complications calling for multi-organ attention, especially the kidneys…for the scientists and doctors alike to study! An indication is also towards congenital issues in children.

It would be a good idea to keep your bottom lobes of the lungs filled with oxygen by practising deep breathing. Have a tab on pre-existing diseases and do your bit alongside the precautions for COVID being suggested by the doctors from time to time!

The Vedic remedy can be seen in the following:

1. Taittireeya Samhita-Second Kaanda, first Chapter 9th Anuvaaka ( Praajaapatyam Toopara maa…)

2. Taittireeya Samhita-Second Kaanda,Second Chapter 4th Anuvaaka (Agnaye Pavamaanaaya purodaasa…)

3. Taittireeya Samhita-Second Kaanda, Second Chapter, 10th Anuvaaka (Somaaroudram charum nirvape…)

These three are for countering an unknown, mysterious disease engulfing the people. Homam (preferably with cow ghee) with these anuvaakaas should be performed by the Purohit in the presence of the village heads every Saturday and Sunday. Hese are invocations to the forces which are universally present in every moving and non-moving object in the subtlest form (including a virus). They get activated and neutralize the evil. This should be concluded by the following:

Taittireeya Samhita second kaanda first chapter second Anuvaaka (Aaagneyam Krishnagreeva maa labheta soumyam…) which is for relief from dangerous and acute diseases destroying the Raashtra. The result is that Siva takes over the Raashtra and protects it from these troubles.

For the ordained and spiritually inclined, the following are recommended:

1. Aruna Paaraayanam

2. Garika Pooja for Ganapati daily

3. Chandee Saptasati

4. Subrahmanya Kavacham

Vishnu Sahasranaamam should be chanted daily.

Sarve Janaah Sukhino Bhavantu!

Om Saantih Saantih Saantih!


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రచయిత: srikaaram

నేను తెలుగు, హిందీ, ఆంగ్ల భాషలలో కథలు, నవలలు, నాటకాలు రచిస్తాను. ప్రస్తుతం ఆంధ్ర ప్రభ ఆదివారం సంచ్కలో ' ఆరోగ్య భాగ్య చక్రం ' అను శీర్షిక నడుపుతున్నాను. ఇందులో జ్యోతిషం, ఆరోగ్యం కు సంబంధించి వ్యాసములు వస్తున్నాయి. సాక్షి దిన పత్రికకు పురాణం ప్రశ్నోత్తరములు నిర్వహిస్తున్నాను. మరి కొన్ని శీర్షికలు వార పత్రికలలో రాబోవుతున్నవి. సరళమైన హాస్యం, రుచించే సంవాదం నాకు ఇష్టమైనవి.


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