THIS WEEK FOR YOU (01.02.2009 to 07.02.2009)-by Vedantam Sripatisarma

(These predictions are based on Sun-Signs)

Well. This week begins with some intentions of charity, some ideas about being righteous and finally some mixed actions on all fronts. Many will find this a week giving power and some strength to act. There are some setbacks for those trying to sit back and relax! The piece of advice this week is to take one thing at a time. That precisely is the fastest way of doing everything.

Aries: You will find yourself more forceful and energetic this week. Money comes in handy. Say what you want and you should get it. The females in your family or your social circle are quietly demanding your attention. The lucky number this week is 9.

Taurus: Excellent week for artistes and sports persons. You will gain some advantage from some imaginative work. Your hard work and ability to persevere will bear fruit. If you are required to sign a document, wait until Friday. Your lucky number this week is 6.

Gemini: If your boss is a female, try to curtail your conversation. Your sources of information will be subjected to exploitation. There are more responsibilities on the domestic front. Your number this week is 6.

Cancer: Your partners are more powerful than you this week. So you will do well to keep a low profile. There seems to be some hurry in doing so many tasks at a time. This is time for prioritization. Your number this week is 3.

Leo: You need to take care of your health. Muscle and joint pains can be nagging ones. You need to relax more often. The week is full of external disturbances. There are many peeping from the windows. Just wait until dark and they vanish. Your number this week is 1.

Virgo: This is time for you to go out and lend expression to your skills. You haven’t performed as yet. It is only by a conscious effort of self expression that you will get the recognition. So go ahead. The guys are waiting and there is a lot to do! It is confidence which matters. Your numbers are 5&6 this week.

Libra: You may have to postpone your travel owing to an ailing elder in the family. This is a good week for business. Avoid over indulging. The tendency to stay out can be curbed. Mediation helps in matters of negotiations. Your number this week is 5.

Scorpio: Your seemingly intelligent discourse is likely to be misinterpreted. Say less and you will be understood. This is a good week for speculation but of a short term. The atmosphere at the work place can be disturbing. It will pass. Your lucky number this week is 7.

Sagittarius: You develop a new method of analysis. This is comfortable and luxurious week for you. You also hold back on your spending. There is no point in doing so since this has to be spent any way! There are also visitors this week. Your lucky number this week is 2.

Capricorn: Youngsters are going to pose problems. Guard against thefts. Some might encounter minor injuries. There may be tendency to abstain from work. This is a lucky week for realtors. You will also be tempted to invest in lotteries. Your lucky number this week is 4.

Aquarius: Income and expenditure get equated this week. You will be passing on your troubles to others. Health improves. Past investments bear fruit. You may consolidate and contemplate reinvesting. Your lucky numbers are 5 & 6 this week.

Pisces: Good week on all fronts. This is a ‘happening’ week and a happy week. However, you are advised against long term investments. You might find fresh avenues for activity. Promotions are on the cards. Lucky numbers this week are 9 & 7.

This week’s quote: For those who seek it, there is inexhaustible evidence of an all pervading intelligence.

~Richard E. Byrd

రచయిత: srikaaram

నేను తెలుగు, హిందీ, ఆంగ్ల భాషలలో కథలు, నవలలు, నాటకాలు రచిస్తాను. ప్రస్తుతం ఆంధ్ర ప్రభ ఆదివారం సంచ్కలో ' ఆరోగ్య భాగ్య చక్రం ' అను శీర్షిక నడుపుతున్నాను. ఇందులో జ్యోతిషం, ఆరోగ్యం కు సంబంధించి వ్యాసములు వస్తున్నాయి. సాక్షి దిన పత్రికకు పురాణం ప్రశ్నోత్తరములు నిర్వహిస్తున్నాను. మరి కొన్ని శీర్షికలు వార పత్రికలలో రాబోవుతున్నవి. సరళమైన హాస్యం, రుచించే సంవాదం నాకు ఇష్టమైనవి.


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